3D & CNC

To make the drive module of its own OpenFC system, multiple parts must be machined using a 3D printer or a CNC milling machine: all the necessary files are available on this page. Attention, if components other than those recommended are used, machining sketches must be modified consequently. Please report any errors in different files.

3D modeling:


2D shapes of workpieces :

Formes 2d module entrainement

Files for the machining of parts:

Modèle CNC module entrainement

Files for CNC machining have been set as follows: the origin of machining corresponds to the origin of the coordinate system (0,0) in order to facilitate changing the milling cutter. For machining all the parts, it is necessary to have 2mm and 5mm drills; The zero of the Z axis is the upper surface of POM/PEHD plate : it must be recalibrated between the different operations to be adapted to the thickness of the different plates. G-Code depending on the placement of parts, of the size of the workpiece and the origin of axes, it has not been put online: it must be generated from a proper software (CamBam for example) taking into account these different parameters.

Once machined, parts must be customized : refer to section Assembly: drive Module for details of finishing operations

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