Assembly: drive module

Before beginning Assembly of the drive module of your OpenFC system, make sure you have:

  • All the necessary components
  • The CNC-milled or 3D printed parts
  • Soldering iron
  • Mini drill (with bits of 2.8 mm and 1.8mm)
  • Allen Key M1.5 and M2
  • Set of precision screwdrivers
  • Tap M3

Assembly of the drive module in 13 steps

Step 1

Preparation of parts machined in CNC: Unlike the 3D printing, CNC machining with a cylindrical cutter produces rounded inner corners. Wether file or dig with a mini drill...

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Step 2

Basic Assembly: Insert the two smaller pieces of 5mm thick in the largest one. Using the holes in the largest piece as a guide, drill on a few millimeters deep in both...

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Step 3

Addition of ball bearings: clip two ball bearings in each of the two larger workpieces.

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Step 4

Preparation of the wheel for worm: Unfortunately, this wheel has no clamping system to prevent slipping on the axis on which it shall be fixed. So, drill a hole with a 2.5 to 2.8 mm drill...

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Step 5

The RJ45 socket welding and Assembly: the four motor wires must be soldered to the RJ45 female socket - cut the wires of the motor to leave about ten centimetres left. It is better to protect...

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Step 6

Adding the worm gear: thread the worm gear on the shaft of the motor and fix it by tightening the screw with an Allen wrench. Let a very slight gap (less than 1 mm) between the motor and the worm gear.

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Step 7

Engine part mounting: place the motor in the space provided on the part mounted in the second step. Bring the wires behind the piece already referred then clip the base and the piece installed in step 5...

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Step 8

The drive shaft mounting: slide the shaft in the ball bearing, then, in order, thread the wheel for worm gear and the collar set. Do not tighten yet these last two components on the shaft...

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Step 9

Assembly of the front part: slide the large 5mm part and its bearings on the shaft, until the four small pieces clip inside - you will probably need to help them...

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Step 10

Screwing the module: keeping all the parts well together, use the front holes as guides to drill a few millimeters in the small parts, as in step 2...

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Step 11

Adding the drive gear: slide the gear on the shaft and screw it so that it is almost stuck to the front side of the module.

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Step 12

Adding the clamping nut: push the nut into the hole made for him in step 1. The hole should be of a smaller diameter than the nut so that the nut must be pushed to fit...

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Step 13

Adding of the clamping knob: last step of Assembly, and the easiest one, just screw the clamp knob in the nut... It is finished!

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Final result

Once the drive module is fully assembled, it's time to move to the Assembly of the control module...

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