Components: Control Module

In order to assemble the control module for its own system OpenFC, it is necessary to have the components listed below. Unlike the drive module, it is easy to replace them with equivalent – including the stepper motor control card. It is also possible to add options to be able to use the system OpenFC with batteries, in real-time with a joystick or to drive two control modules. The list of components for the control module only details the elements necessary for the standard version: it will be soon complemented with the necessary elements for the options.

As for the training module, prices and suppliers are indicative. A limited number of suppliers was preferred to a lower price for some components to optimize the total cost of components AND shipping. Other combinations are probably possible and cheaper : do not hesitate to report it, the list will be updated.

Components for control module (total cost excluding postage: between 50 and €70 approximately):

Components Spec. REF. Qty. Price (€) Provider / link
Base RJ45 female (1) Modular base 1303470-62 1 0.60 Conrad →
Capacitor 100uF 35V / 100uF 444642-62 1 0.20 Conrad →
Adjustable power supply (2) Power supply 3-12V / 18W 512317-62 1 24.99 Conrad →
Case (3) 142x80x30mm (Uno) 1279641-62 1 5 (Uno) Conrad →
Arduino Uno or Nano (4) 1 between 3 and 10 eBay (Uno) → ebay (Nano) →
Controller card for step motor (5) A4988 Stepper motor driver A4988 1 1.36 eBay →
Cables male-male Jumpers for breadboard Jumper Cable Male Breadboard Arduino 10 1.71 (65 pcs) eBay →
Breadboard 170 pins (6) Breadboard PCB 170 pins 1 1.31 eBay →
Adapters for 15mm rods (7) Double or single Mount for 15mm rod Mount bracket rail block / Rod clamp holder 1 between 3 and 16 eBay (simple) → eBay (double) →
Female DC connector Connector for case 5.5/2.1mm female connector 1 1.85 eBay →
Screw 1/4 '' (6.35mm) 1/4 '' screw quick release trigger 1 1.59 eBay →
RJ45 cable (8) Male/male CAT6 UTP RJ45 Ethernet Cable 1m 1.35 eBay →
Spacers, male/female, with screws M3, 6mm high 4 5.49 (180 pcs) eBay →

(1) RJ45 connector type was preferred to others for its security system that prevents the cable from being easily disconnected or ripped off.
(2) in order to drive two control modules, the power supply must give at least 1300mA and 12V.
(3) the size of the case must take account of the added options, especially the batteries to make an autonomous system.
(4) the choice of an Arduino Uno or Nano determines basically the final dimensions of the control module.
(5) Other controller cards exist like the Big Easy Driver, but the system has been tested with a card A4988, so it is the recommended one.
(6) Breadboard limits the welds and errors. It is possible to do without.
(7) it is possible to choose other fixation systems. The choosen ones have the advantage of being robust, reliable, quick to install and compatible with standard photographic systems.
(8) Ideally, it is better to make your own cable with adjusted length.

In addition to these components, there is also need for a mounting system for camera including an attachment for tripod and the standard 15 mm rods: these can be found on eBay or in camera stores from €20.

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