Assembling : control module

Step 1

Preparation of the case: Three holes must be drilled in order to place the connectors sockets. The USB port of the Arduino Uno, placed across of the case, requires a rectangular opening of 11mm high and 12mm wide (to position the USB port to the proper height, screw the 6mm spacers on the fixing holes of the Arduino); The female RJ45 socket on the back of the case requires a rectangular opening of 15mm wide and 16mm high; the DC power socket requires a 10mm diameter hole (attention: the given measures correspond to the recommended components: If you change, think to adapt).

Boitier branchements exterieurs

Once these holes are made, position the Arduino so that its USB port is wedged into the opening and mark the case at the location of the two top holes. Drill two holes at these locations with a 3mm drill bit.

boitier vis arduino

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