System test

Step 4

Checking the OpenFC system: DragonFrame is now connected to the Arduino and knows how to handle the motor it controls… What remains is to verify that everything works by simply pressing the arrows buttons on the axis options area. If the control and drive modules have been properly assembled and connected, the drive module should turn.


Icing on the cake: because the "Focus" option was selected in step 3, it is possible to set the focus directly in the "Cinematography" window. Click on the camera icon in top right of the interface, then select the real-time view ('LiveView': the 'L' shaped icon) and click the arrows: you can control the focus with visual feedback. This last trick works with autofocus, that you can control in the same way. But the big difference is that in auto-focus mode, it is not possible to memorize several focusing distances and program an animation… this is what the OpenFC system allows and is described in the last step: make a timelapse with a focus animation .


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