Advanced use

Previz functions

To develop a complex animation with the OpenFC system, it is important to be able to preview the animation before launching the final shot.
To preview a complete animation, in the ARC Motion Control window, first click on the button that looks like a framework: the window that opens is the preview window.

Fenetre previz

Now, click on the button with a camera symbol in the bottom right area. In the window that appears, enter the duration of the animation or the portion that you are interested in. If the motor is not in the position of the first frame, DragonFrame will ask to correct position before start shooting in fast mode.

Bouton lancement previzLancement previz

Once the sequence ends, its preview can be seen in the preview window, by clicking on the camera icon and then moving the cursor in the Timeline.

DragonFrame Previz

It is also possible to export the sequence (in mp4 format) by clicking on the button with a symbol of bobbin – handy to prepare a Storyboard for example…

Export previz


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