System test

Step 3 B

Manual configuration of the drive module: If you prefer to configure yourself the OpenFC system, click on the main menu of the axes and select "Add Axis" submenu. The axis configuration window opens, in which several fields must be filled:


(1) Name: enter an explicit name
(2) Connect: enter the number of the ArcMoco zone of the 'Connections' window that you selected in step 2
(3) channel: the channel number depends on how "Dir" and "Step" connections made during the installation of the control module. If they were made on pins 4 and 5 of the Arduino, leave the selected channel 1. Otherwise, refer to the indications contained in the header of the DFMoco sketch loaded on the Arduino to know what channel matches your connections.
(4) Function: If your OpenFC system controls the focus ring of the camera lens, select "Focus" in the drop-down list.
(5) Steps per Units: this setting concerns the accuracy of the engine. The drive module is based on a worm gear with a 30 teeth wheel, and the step motor has a resolution of 200 steps per full turn, so the final precision is 6000 (30 * 200) steps per turn.
(6) Jog Max Speed: this setting is the maximum speed at which DragonFrame can make the motor run. The default value (1000) is a good balance between power and speed. If you increase the speed too much, the motor loses power and could hardly move the focus ring.

Once you complete the settings, close the window: a new axis has appeared in the Arc Motion Control window


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