System test

Step 5

First animation: now that the OpenFC system works, it is time to make a simple animation. This step gives the indications to quickly achieve a timelapse: a second tutorial describes a more complex workflow and describes the advanced options of DragonFrame.
To begin with, in the view of Cinematography, using the 'Liveview' and the arrows buttond (see step 4), make the focus on an element of the foreground. You can control the sharpness more precisely, using one of two options for zoom: 1) click the icon with a white rectangle: a similar rectangle appears superimposed in the preview. Move it to where you want to control the focys and then click on "". (2) use the slider to increase the size of the image and check that the focus is correct.

Mise au point avant-plan

If you have a dual monitor display, right-click on the icon "Cinematography" or "Arc Motion Control" in the top right zone of DragonFrame, and select "Detach Workspace": the following will be easier!
Once the focus made, switch in the Arc Motion Control window, and create a first position key by clicking the diamond-shaped button, in the area of the axis options: a key point appears in the 'Position' part of the window. You can control its features in the panel at the bottom right.

Premiere position cle

Return to the Cinematography window and make the focus at a different distance.

Mise au point arriere-plan

Switch again to the Arc Motion Control window. Drag the blue slider to frame 25 and then create the second key position: a curve appears which connects the two key positions. You can change its shape with the Bezier handles associated with each key position.

Deuxieme position cle

Now we to launch the animation: click the camera icon at the bottom right of the window Arc Motion Control . If the motor is not in the position required by the first frame, a window pops up to position it: simply click on the small arrow pointing to the right.

Alignement moteur

Once the engine's position is OK, the interval between each frame must be set: in the 'Capture' menu, click on the 'Timelapse' submenu. In the window that appears, select the checkbox "limit to" and enter the duration of the animation (25), and then click OK (optionally, depending on the desired result, change the interval between each frame).

Configuration Timelapse

The timelapse starts and DragonFrame gradually changes the focus distance as the shooting goes, according to the settings given in the previous steps:

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