System test

Now that the OpenFC system is built, we have to check that it works well.
First, start by downloading a trial version of DragonFrame software and install it. Then connect the control module to the computer with a USB cable. Start the Arduino IDE (downloadable here) and open the sketch "DFMoco.pde" located in "installation folder (default is C:Program Files (x 86) DZEDDragonFrame) ResourcesArc Motion ControlDFMoco" and upload it into the Arduino.

If you are not familiar with the Arduino and the preceding passage is incomprehensible to you, take a ride on the official Arduino to the "Learning" section (in English) or take a look at the excellent tutorials available on flossmanuals (in french).

Next, install the device on a tripod and chock the drive module against the gear of the focus ring. Connect the RJ45 cable between the control module and the drive module, and connect the power supply to the control module. The set should look like this:

OpenMF : système complet

The preparations are finished: the next steps take place in DragonFrame.

Test its OpenFC system in 5 steps with DragonFrame


Step 1

ARC Motion Control: After you have created a new scene, DragonFrame opens by default to the window dedicated to Animation...

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Step 2

Connection to the Arduino: above all else, DragonFrame needs to be connected to the Arduino so that it is possible to send orders. In the 'Scene' menu, click on the "Connections" submenu... to...

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Step 3 A

Automatic configuration of the drive module: since version 3.5, DragonFrame lets you import or export a file storing all the necessary settings to control a motor...

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Step 3 B

Manual configuration of the drive module: If you prefer to configure yourself the OpenFC system, click on the main menu of the axes and select "Add Axis" submenu. The axis configuration window opens...

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Step 4

Checking the OpenFC system: DragonFrame is now connected to the Arduino and knows how to handle the motor it controls... What remains is to verify that everything works...

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Step 5

First animation: now that the OpenFC system works, it is time to make a simple animation. This step gives the indications to quickly achieve a timelapse...

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